Python program demonstrating Gaussian Distribution of k sums of n dice rolls.

Gaussian Distribution - Dice Rolls
Gaussian Distribution – Dice Rolls
# ? 2019 TheFlyingKeyboard and released under MIT License

from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
from pylab import rcParams
import random

def get_sum_of_n_rolls(n):
    sum = 0

    for i in range(n):
        sum += random.randrange(1, 7, 1)

    return sum

n = 5
rolls = [get_sum_of_n_rolls(n) for _ in range(1000000)]

data = []

for i in range(n, n * 6 + 1):

rcParams['figure.figsize'] = 16, 9

plt.xlabel("Sum of " + str(n) + " rolls")
plt.ylabel("Count")[i for i in range(n, n * 6 + 1)], data)


Python Gaussian Distribution – Dice Rolls
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