Algorithm to check if given array is palindrome.

Array which is a palindrome read from first to last is the same as read from last to first letter.

Example of a palindrome (after making all letters small, removing spaces and question mark): Was it a car or a cat I saw?


IN: Array of chars
OUT: True - word is a palindrome or False - word is not a palindrome
1. Begin with i = 0, n = length of array.
2. Check if array[i] is not equal to array[n - 1 - i], if this is true end algorithm and return false.
3. Increase i by 1.
4. Check if i is less than n/2, if true go to step 2, if not end algoritm and return true.

Pseudo Code:

function isPalindrome(array):
  for(i = 0; i < n/2; i++):
    if(array[i] != array[n - 1 - i]):
      return false;

  return true;

Sample input:

Python Implementation C# Implementation C++ Implementation Java Implementation

Check If Array Is Palindrome – Algorithm
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